Tips for Choosing Sideboom Pipelayers

Pipelayers and sidebooms are required for any pipeline construction site. There are various considerations to bear in mind while selecting sideboom pipelayers, mentioned below:

  • Pipelayers need to be chosen based on the size and weight of the pipe to be installed and the construction site’s topography. They determine the pipelayer’s lifting capacity, transportability and the project’s ease of service.
  • Machine stability is another factor to consider while choosing sideboom and pipelayer machinery. Some machines have a wide operating platform while others have boom props for improved stability. Some even have wide track pads on the load side which help increase stamina while maintaining a low ground pressure.
  • Of course, safety is a feature to look out for in any machine. Some machines offer improved safety features in the machines like incorporation of emergency free-fall on the load line, automatic over winding devices and an automatic boom kick-out that prevents boom damage. New cab designs help provide the operator with a better view around the machine.
  • In a bid to reduce the carbon footprint of pipeline construction projects, companies manufacturing and distributing pipelayer and sideboom equipment have now developed machines with engines which emit lower emissions.
  • Future development is another point to remember while choosing sidebooms and pipelayers as each pipeline construction job is different wherein contractors need to carefully think and choose the machinery that best suits the project. Manufacturers are constantly developing these machines to improve its transportability, develop accessories that improve operator comfort and efficiency and also continue to produce machines to meet the new trends in the pipeline industry.

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