Midwestern Sideboom Manufacturing

Midwestern sideboom manufacturing began in 1953 and this hydraulically operated pipe laying attachment for D9 dozers has been helping pipeliners do their jobs ever since. Midwestern is the leading manufacturer of sidebooms throughout the world and is proud of its reputation for providing the highest quality equipment.

Through the ingenuity and innovative techniques used to create the Midwestern sideboom, each client receives a product made to suit their own unique requirements. While it is true that sidebooms do attach to various models such as John Deere, Caterpillar, Komatsu and Case tractors, they can be customized to work properly on each of these.

Ease of use, cost-effectiveness, safety and reliability are all desirable qualities that are built right into the Midwestern sideboom. Today, there are more than 140 hydraulic sideboom models and Midwestern has manufactured over 7500 sideboom attachments in various sized. Depending on the size, sidebooms can lift from 10,000 to 200,000 pounds with ease.

One of the greatest benefits of using a Midwestern sideboom is its ability to add more functionality to equipment in the plants or on in the field. An example of that would be a loader backhoe being easily converted into a multi-purpose machine. Pipeliners also enjoy the benefits of these attachments, since they can lift and hold sections of pipe above a ditch until it is fit, welded, coated and then lowered into place.

It didn’t take long for pipeliners to realize they were better off with the sideboom on the construction site. The hydraulic controls using pilot lever and joystick made it easier and faster for potential operators to learn necessary operating skills. Additionally, the increase in safety provided led to numerous companies mandating the use of hydraulic controls.

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