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PDF – 16″ – 30″ Pipe Bender

  • Caterpillar model C 4.4 diesel engine—99.5 HP (Other engine options available at customer’s request).
  • Hyraulic controls allow one operator complete control of all bending machine functions.
  • Hydraulically driven DP winch is used to move the pipe through the bending machine.
  • 3,000 PSI hydraulic system.
  • 40 gallon hydraulic tank.
  • Indicator rod calibrated so that the operator can consis-tently make uniform bends.
  • Bending sets are required for each pipe size within the machine range.
  • Machine designed to handle urethane liners for 30” pipe.
  • Machine is designed to bend all grades of currently available API 5L pipe within its range.
  • Machine is manufactured using T1 steel
  • Towing tongue on the bending machine is attached to the stiffback and can be raised and lowered when con-necting to a tow tractor.
  • Machine mounted on 15 ton tracks.