Why you Should Choose Cat Equipment

While buying equipment for laying your gas pipeline, you find that there are various choices on the market today. While many people recommend Caterpillar equipment, you wonder why? There are actually many benefits and reasons to buying caterpillar equipment for gas pipelines.

  • Optimum service

Caterpillar provides excellent service; no matter if you need planned maintenance, emergency repair or diagnostics, they always deliver whatever you need, wherever required.

  • Convenience

Caterpillar offers local support, convenient ordering of parts, local drop boxes and lots of other conveniences which save you time and effort so that you can concentrate on your gas pipeline work.

  • Performance

Cat equipment always works at developing new ways for accomplishing more using innovative capabilities and technologies herein you get more cycles per hour, tons per day and miles per gallon.

  • Reliability

Caterpillar is famous for its reliability and durability. You thus feel comfortable owning and operating cat equipment for laying gas pipelines. Moreover, you receive the highest resale value on the market if you plan to trade or sell your equipment.

  • Availability

Not many companies can match the efficiency and reliability cat equipment offers through its worldwide parts distribution network. They have 97% of the parts of both recent and current models on hand to ship and they will deliver them within 24 hours’ time. You can also order the pars you require online through their website, ‘PartStore’.

  • Business solutions

Cat equipment offers a broad range of services to track, protect and maintain your equipment. They even evaluate and train operators or manage the machine’s productivity using computers and wireless technology.

  • Financial solutions

Caterpillar offers flexible financing options where you can rent, lease, barter or trade your equipment to get the equipment you require.

If you want to learn more about using cat equipment for your gas pipeline needs, contact us today at 918-447-0055.