pipe trailer


PDF – Pipe Trailer Model CPT-40

The Challenger  Services pipe trailer utilizes the Rubber Track design providing more flotation and stability.  The rubber tracks are mounted with a bogie suspension.  Brakes and/or hydraulic motors are available as an extra cost option .

The trailer and dolly combined have a 90,000 lbs. net pay-load capacity.  This configuration can be used for pipe or general cargo.

1. Trailer and dolly combination can be used together or just the dolly.
2. Standard kingpin on dolly to move other trailers around the job.
3. Handle single or double joint pipe – 52’ flat bed with plenty of space for pipe, poles or equipment.
4. Plenty of 4” strap winches along the length of the trailer to keep load from shifting.
5. Approximately 8 psi ground pressure fully loaded with 80,000 lbs.
6. Heavy duty push / pull bumper on the back end of the trailer.
7. Capable of handling road speeds up to 30 mph.
8. Excellent performance in mud, dirt, sand, snow and more.