Right Pipeline Construction Equipment: Decrease Downtime, Increase Profits

Selecting the right pipeline construction equipment is essential to avoid costly delays and on-the-job injuries. Every minute of downtime keeps your employees from producing and is an impediment to bringing the job in on time. So, not only do you need the right pipeline construction equipment, you need top-quality equipment that eliminates costly repairs.

In some instances, especially for start-up businesses, rental of heavy construction equipment is the best option. Using rental equipment is smart because a significant upfront investment is not required and there are no huge monthly payments or interest on the loan. It’s a snap to keep up with equipment upgrades and your cash flow remains more stable.

Could be you’re a pipeline-pro, who realizes some of their equipment is becoming obsolete. But, you don’t exactly know what upgrades you need or trustworthy vendors to contact.

One of the worst nightmares any contractor faces is to submit a winning bid on a lucrative job, only to learn a specialized piece of equipment is required.

If you relate to any of the above scenarios, Challenger Services can counsel and supply you with the right pipeline construction equipment for the job. We will provide you with the best equipment on today’s market.

For example, if you need custom equipment, we’ve got sophisticated, all terrain hydraulic pipelayers, which are compatible with the CatD9H or Komatsu 355 tractor.

Safety is always a priority. We’ve designed innovative safety enhancements such as plumbing the hydraulic pipelayer through the factory hydraulics of the tractor. Not only does this feature ensure reduced maintenance costs, it increases the operator’s safety.

Perhaps your pipe bending machine is obsolete. We offer a ground-breaking pipe bending machine that permits the controller to look inside a handy slot and watch as the machine bends the pipe.

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