Pipe Facing Machine Products

Having durable and dependable pipe facing machine products is essential for most industries. These items are used to help ensure that there is a precise and consistent gap when dealing with pipes and the pipe axis. Since pipelines can be used for gas, water and the transfer of other items, it is critical that the line of products you use is designed to cut precision bevels on the pipes with a + or – .006 (0.13mm) tolerance.

The use of components feature hydraulic and mechanical elements are equally important, as they tend to further ensure that there is precision when being used. The goal for these pipe facing machine products is to have the maximize quality possible when pipes are being placed in the fields, while helping to minimize the number of repairs that occur during the installation process. You will also need to ensure that when mitered pipe is required that you can achieve mitered bevels in ranges of up to 2 ½” with your choice of a dovetail type tool holder or a radial tool holder.

For this to happen, you need to find a company you can trust. For all your pipe facing machine products, one of the best providers will be DMI International. One of the most trusted companies in the industry they can connect you with the most precise products to ensure your job is done right, and within a fraction of the time. Take the first steps and contact us today. Our number is (918) 438-2213.