Challenger Services: Offering the Best Equipment Available from Pipeline Construction Dealers

Looking for pipeline construction dealers who carry state-of-the-art construction equipment? If you haven’t contacted Challenger Services, you’re in for a good surprise. You can expect high quality equipment, whether you’re looking to rent or buy.

We provide total support for our products and those of the various dealers and manufacturers we represent including: Caterpillar, Wheatley, Miller Electric, Curtis, Lincoln Electric, Quincy, Hatz Motors and Newage.

We only represent the best pipeline construction dealers and manufacturers. Caterpillar is an industry leader in performance, safety and sustainability. Lincoln Electric won the Presidential “E” award in 2013. There is no other award as prestigious for companies who make major contributions in increasing U.S. exports.

Wheatley has stood the test of time, with nearly 60 years of service in the flow control industry. Swing check valves from Wheatley stand up to tremendous pressure and/or temperature.

Chances are, we manufacture or represent anything you desire as a pipeline construction contractor. From pipe layers and attachments, pipe benders and carriers to low ground pressure pipe trailers and vacuum lifts. You need look no further for pumps. We carry test pumps, ditch pumps, heavy duty designed fill pumps and combination pumps.

Also, pipe locators, welding machines, external clamps and spreader bars represent several of the support items available from Challenger Services.

For example, if you are in the market for hydraulic pipelayers no doubt you need a steady lifting capacity that will do the job from start to finish. We’d suggest the Challenger Hydraulic Pipelayer attachment (CP594H), which has a 200,000 pound lifting capacity. Pair that with a Caterpillar tractor and you’ve got a dependable workhorse!

At Challenger we’re always developing our equipment to improve performance. It’s all about providing the best, most efficient pipeline construction equipment at compatible prices, so that you may experience a healthy bottom line.

We invite you to contact us today for all your gas pipeline needs at: 918-447-0055.