Pipeline sidebooms and pipelayers

Pipeline sidebooms and pipelayers are machines essential for the operation of all types of pipelines. This includes gas pipelines. They are built for use on land with low ground pressure as they offer better side-to-side stability. Some models even address slope capability with the help of a lengthened track roller frame and repositioned rear idlers by placing more tracks on the ground.

Sidebooms and pipelayers feature improved hydraulics with more precise control and greater response. These machines show better productivity because of its latest hydraulic system. Operators find it especially easy operating these machines as most of the machines have control handles. In fact, these machines have boom and hook functions which are placed in a spot which is conveniently to handle.

The operators work in an enclosed cab which is not only very comfortable, but also provides for outstanding visibility while using it. the dual brake pedals which come with the machines provide for optimum machine control, especially when the machines are used on slopes.

Operators are offered enhanced visibility and safety through the machine’s large surface. The pipe is offered better visibility because the machine’s block set design helps in reducing the profile. The latter designs of these machines also offer enhanced access to its operator station. Moreover, its lower winch profile provides for reduced shipping envelope, which in turn aids in its transportability.

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