What Sidebooms For Sale Means To The Pipeline Industry

Any time pipeliners get together, the topic of conversation often turns to sidebooms. Some reminisce about the Little Boomers that emerged during the 1970s, but the majority tends to prefer discussing the evolution of this distinctive piece of equipment into what it is today. It enables these individuals to turn a D9G or D9H Caterpillar dozer into a pipe laying machine capable of lifting up to 200,000 pounds.

At first, the only sidebooms for sale were created to retrofit already existing dozers. This invention was critical for making it faster and safer to lay oil and gas pipelines. To move pipe from one place to another, outfits must have an efficient way of doing so, and that is what the sideboom is about. It is counterbalanced on one side with adequate weights to carry the required materials.

Moving pipe from a storage area is not the only purpose for this piece of equipment. Sidebooms for sale are also used to place the right size pipe into a trench, eliminating the need for several men to perform this action.

Several concerned individuals recognized a problem and then went on to design vital pieces of equipment, such as the sideboom. It addresses issues surrounding the very important gas and oil pipeline industry, and now the work can be completed in record time.

While it is true that sidebooms for sale bring the opportunity to work more efficiently, that does not mean the work is not long and difficult. However, it does mean that the manpower required to get tasks done is greatly decreased.

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