The Importance of the Internal Pipe Bending Mandrel

For internal pipe bending mandrel is perhaps the most commonly misunderstood version. This is actually a part of a tooling set, but does not occur in all bending applications. Mandrel is placed inside of a table where it is then held by the mandrel rod in order to provide additional support at the tangent area. Then the mandrel it slowly extracted just before the process has finished.

The entire process of internal pipe bending mandrel is one of the more interesting aspects out there. It can be used to help with plugs, discs, balls and multi-ball designs in the field. Depending on the general thickness of the tube, you can select different mandrel to complete the task.

For companies that depend on this application, it will be vital that you take the time to ensure you select the best mandrel setup to complete the job, as you don’t want the walls of the tube to become stretched too thin in the bending process, making it vital that you do have the right mandrel tube bending machine on hand. After all, there isn’t just one type of mandrel on the market.

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