High Quality pipe line up clamps from DMI International

Every construction project needs high quality material to build businesses and homes. DMI International offers materials that have the highest quality ratings for its customers projects. Oil and gas lines play an important role for businesses and industries and must be working properly at all times. Faulty lines mean a decrease not only in business, but in profit.

Quality products with high standards

In the United States, oil and gas lines are a vital part of the economy. Every built structure needs to be secured for proper flowing and usage. By using quality pipes, pipe line up clamps, and other quality materials, industries safely know their businesses are in good hands. All construction must pass through strict evaluations and tests before buildings can be finalized. All of the products of DMI International will assist in projects meeting these high quality standards.

Products of DMI International

Some of its high standard products include internal line up clamps, pipe bending machines, bending sets/pipe facing machines, pumps, bending mandrels, cradles and external line up clamps. By calling our service team or requesting a catalog, you can find out what your construction team will need to complete its project.

Sale inquiries

Sale inquiries can be made by calling 918-438-2213 or emailing sales@dmiinternational.com. Interested customers can request catalogs or a flash drive of products in which you can find a selection of pipe line up clamps. They will do their best to answer all inquiries in a timely matter.