Rent a Seam Welding Tractor for Onsite Pipeline Jobs

With so many types of support items and equipment required by the construction industry, it can be a challenge knowing who to turn to for equipment, such as ditch pumps or a seam welding tractor. Contractors know that it is frequently more economical to rent specialized equipment by the month.

A certified operator is usually hired separately. This is particularly important for welders involved in gas pipeline construction. They are the experts on procedure and safety because of their experience, stringent certifications, and qualifications.

Challenger Services knows that a specialized piece of equipment may be needed for just one product. It is uneconomical for a construction company to purchase many of those items and pay for shipping to worldwide locations. Contractors find reliable top brands such as Caterpillar and Lincoln in Challenger’s inventory.

Adding a crane, welding tent, or other equipment to heavy-duty tractors requires experienced installation that maintains exceptional balance and stability on all types of surfaces. Be certain that the company you work with has an excellent reputation for safety and customer service.

Pipelayers and pipe benders are other types of equipment that make the job of an onshore contractor less stressful and much easier. The amount of pipe work and welding done at the construction site rather than at another location reduces the chance of weld failure. The strong, continuous weld of a seam welding tractor can be spot checked by onsite quality control engineers.

Challenger Services, conveniently located in Tulsa, OK, has close access to shipping. The equipment you need will quickly be on its way. Regardless of where the construction is taking place, contact us today for all your gas pipeline needs or with any questions at 918-447-0055.