Pipelay Equipment

It is very important for pipe laying companies to have a reliable and trustworthy backup service that can provide additional machinery and equipment when required. Challenger Services has established a reputation as a dependable supplier to the industry. We carry a range of pipelay equipment to facilitate all aspects of onshore pipe laying.
Quite often, the path of a pipeline will have to cross very difficult terrain. This makes it much harder to deliver products and services to the pipe laying site. Here at Challenger Services, we provide a range of dollies and pipe trailers that can be rented on a monthly basis.
Our CPT-40 dolly has continuous track wheels, so the machine can tackle almost any kind of terrain to deliver pipes to where they are needed. If continuous track wheels are not needed, we offer the CTT-40 with pneumatic tires.
We rent out equipment to speed up the process of pipe delivery on standard roads. Our pole trailer is suitable for highway use with a standard truck. The trailer is fully steerable, making it highly maneuverable, and comes with its own independent air brakes. Our D7G Pipecarrier, with up to 20 tons capacity, is just about the fastest way to transport pipes.
We carry a wide range of other utility pipelay equipment. You can hire holiday detectors, welding machines, external clamps, spreader bars, slings, pipe locators and lots of other accessories from us, and our rates are highly competitive.
At Challenger Services, we make customer satisfaction our number one priority. Contact us today for all your gas pipeline needs on 918-447-0055