Oil and Gas Pipes

oil and gas pipesOil and gas pipes are one of the more important structures in the United States. This is because pipeline gas comprises a large percentage of the gas transportation industry. Gas pipes move gas from locations where the gas is pulled out of the ground, to locations where it is given to consumers and businesses. The structures can take a long time to build, but gas pipes almost always pay off big time once the construction is complete.

This doesn’t mean that the construction isn’t a difficult and involved process, however. Often times, a lot of work has to go into it, such as bending the pipes in the right direction, and changing the construction of the structure that supports it in order to properly move it over the local terrain. After all, it’s not like the local terrain will always be flat and perfectly conducive to getting the oil where you want it to go. You must often turn the pipes this way and that in order to make sure that they avoid major obstacles like hills, trees, rock outcroppings, and so on.

It’s also important to make sure the gas runs at a pressure that’s high enough so that it will flow properly into high pressure lines at the receiving end of the structure. Additionally, steps must be taken to make sure that that the as in the pipe doesn’t condense into its various component liquids, otherwise you could get condensation loss through the seams in the pipe.

The structural integrity of the pipe is important as well, since any problem with the pipe could mean that tons of oil and gas spill out into the countryside. But if the pipes are made correctly, then this shouldn’t ever happen and it can safe a large amount of money in transportation costs.  DMI knows oil and gas pipes.  Call us today to see how we can service your project.