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Caterpillar Pipeline Equipment

Pipeline construction equipment includes various types of equipment like pipe carriers, pipe locators, spreader bars, and welding machines. Today there are many companies that manufacture this type of equipment. The most comon being Caterpillar Inc.

Caterpillar manufactures heavy equipment that is in high demand. Their equipment is popularly used in construction, marine applications, mining and quarrying. Chances are, you’ve seen Caterpillar equipment used on jobsites.

It is easy to pick them out as they are marked with their CAT logo. Their product line features over 300 types of equipment and machines that include Caterpillar pipeline equipment, wheel loaders, pipe layers, mining trucks, and other heavy duty equipment.

Mining trucks and pipe layers

Caterpillar boasts of a wide range of mining trucks like huge dump trucks popularly used for mining and quarrying needs. These trucks come in six models of varied payload capacities that range between 100 tons to 400 tons.

Pipe layers, an important piece of machinery in the pipeline industry are another piece of Caterpillar pipeline equipment. This equipment has counterweight features which ensure the machine does not tip over. These pipe layers are available in four models where two are medium and two are a larger size.

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Mining and quarrying is never possible without wheel loaders. This machine comprises of a large bucket which is held by two hydraulic-powered arms which are lowered and raised as required.

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