Backhoe Attachments

Professional pipeliners agree, a bucket is more than a container housing must-do lists. Indeed, buckets are backhoe attachments that all contractors must-have. While buckets are of vital importance, other backhoe attachments, such as augers, rippers, hydraulic hammers, forks and blades are beneficial as well.

It is critical for contractors to choose the right equipment for the job. The topography where the pipeline is being laid will determine the type of equipment needed.

Pipeline contractors depend upon rugged, high-quality equipment that will enhance the success of the job. Challenger Services offer state-of-the-art equipment that benefits contractors worldwide.

For example, the screening/padding bucket is a valuable backhoe attachment. It is equipped with blades that rotate one way and back the other way to strain materials. Big pieces remain in the screener bucket to be recycled and used for padding. This is a cost effective method as backfill material and dirt is dumped around the pipe in the trench, reducing the need for new materials.

For digging trenches in narrow spaces, the cribbing bucket does the job admirably. A simply marvelous backhoe attachment is the ditch and leveling bucket. Items like chemicals or toxic waste call for the barrel handler backhoe attachment.

The hoe ram is the new jackhammer. Just attach this bad boy to a backhoe watch the giant-sized percussive hammer go! The hoe ram is powerful enough to penetrate the most stubborn rocks in a pipeline trench.

The grapple is an awesome backhoe attachment for moving heavy objects from one place to another. It is also ideal for trenching. A clamshell bucket with teeth is perfect for digging pipelines.

Professional pipeliners are tasked with timely project completion and on-the-job safety, making high-quality, dependable equipment a must-have.

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